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    Hold ‘Em In Place

    Are you looking for functional, but cute sports bras to exercise in?  When I first started working out, I grabbed any ole thing I could find from my dresser.  Why?  Cause I didn’t want to invest in workout clothes.  And that’s ok.  Especially if you’re unsure about your dedication of hitting the gym, pavement, bike or whatever your choice of exercise is.  If you don’t want to purchase any other workout clothes, you should at least grab yourself a cute sports bra for your workouts.  Trust me; YOU FEEL A DIFFERENCE!

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    No Hibernation For Me

    October is here, and the weather is changing (well, sort of).  Leaves are falling, and the plan for warmer clothes is happening (because we all need to shop for winter clothes in our house).  Although the weather is a bit confused right now, we will go with it.  The temperatures are still pretty warm for this time of year in my opinion.   But let’s get to the point.  The point of this post is not to talk about the weather, but about how changing a mindset to focus on my health and fitness again.  Join me and exercise your body this Fall!